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Why Great White Ice Whiskey Stones Are Superior Compared To Any Other Type On The Market

Utilizing new age technology, Great White Ice is able to offer a superior quality whiskey stone, compared to any other type on the market. Crafted from food grade stainless steel and containing a secret ton-toxic gel in the center, these whiskey stones can chill any drink to perfection without diluting it.

Requiring minimal freezing time (1 - 2 hrs.) and being dishwasher safe are only 2 benefits that Great White Ice whiskey stones offers, that no other whiskey rock on the market can compete with. They can also be used in any alcoholic or regular beverage and have proven to stay cold for hours, if used in a cooler or thermos, along with regular ice cubes. They are 100% eco-friendly, light and they give your drink a modern look and feel. Great White Ice whiskey stones also offers a lifetime replacement guarantee, so you can buy them at no risk.

What is a Whiskey Stone?

Whiskey stones or whisky stones are also referred to as whiskey rocks, whiskey cubes, whisky rocks, scotch rocks, scotch stones, drink stones, ice rocks and ice stones. They are ice cubes made of something other than water, like metal, steel or stone. Although, nothing is as cold as ice they serve the same purpose as regular ice cubes by keeping your drink cold, but can do this without dilution. You simply place them in the freezer for a certain amount of time, depending on what type you are using, then remove them when they are cold enough and place them in your whisky, to keep it cool without diluting it. How cold your drink will get and how long they last, will depend on what type you are using. Whiskey Stones are not meant to replace ice cubes and they will never cool a drink like ice does, but if you buy the right ones, they will still make a big difference in the temperature of your drink.

18 Advantages of using Great White Ice Stainless Steel Whisky Rocks

Can Stay Cold up to 5 Hours
Unlike traditional ice cubes, these stainless steel drink stones last much longer, because they do not melt. They contain a secret non toxic ingredient in the center of the cube that helps keep them cold from the inside out. These stones for whiskey can stay cold up to 5 hours if used in a cooler or thermos along with regular ice cubes. How long they will last in your drink, will depend on various factors like, the temperature of your drink and how much liquid you are trying to cool and how many whiskey stones you are using. The colder your freezer the colder they will get. Do not store in the the door, they do not get as cold.

Only have to be in the Freezer from 1 - 2 Hour before Usage
Unlike the other types of whiskey stones, that have to be put in the freezer for many hours before you are able to use them, Great White stones for whiskey, only have to be in the freezer from 1 - 2 hours before you use them. I have also noticed the temperature of the freezer also makes a difference, try putting them in your deepfreezer, they get even colder.

Can be used in Any Drink
These stainless steel ice cubes can be used as much more than just simple whisky or scotch rocks. They can also be used in any type of alcoholic or regular beverage to keep it cold and preserve the taste. Use them in rum, rye, wine, vodka, beer and any other type of alcoholic drink, as well as, juices, protein shakes, water, milk, pop and any other type of regular beverage. Because of their multiple uses they are also called drink stones, ice rocks and ice stones.

Do Not Dilute or Change the Taste of Your Drink
These drink stones are tasteless and odourless and do not retain smells or tastes from other items in the freezer that are surrounding them. Have you ever used an ice cube that smelled like fish? I have, and it was sick! You can now enjoy the true taste and smell of your beverage!

Can be reused for years and will never wear down.

Because these rocks for whiskey are made from stainless steel they are durable and will never rust or corrode and they are also very hard to scratch.

Because the center contains a liquid, this type of whiskey rock is light in weight. Weighing about the same as a regular ice cube the same size.

Easy To Clean
Put them in the dishwasher, wash them with soap and water or if you have just used them, simply rinse them off with water and they are ready to be frozen.

Easy To Store
These ice rocks come with a little velvet pouch that allows for easy storage in any freezer or cooler.

Going out? You can bring these whiskey stones with you and use them anywhere, they will still be cold when you get there.

Can Be Used Anywhere
These stainless steel ice cubes can be used indoors or outdoors. Use them on the beach, in the yard or just around the house. Put them in your cooler with regular ice and they will remain cold for hours after the regular ice cubes have melted, or simply use them on their own and spare yourself waterlogged food.

100% Eco Friendly
Great White Ice stones for whiskey are FDA approved, classified as food grade one, BPA free and they can touch food and do not give out any harmful gases.

Backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
Should you receive a defective set, you will be sent a new one.

Much Better than Soapstone Whiskey Rocks and those made of Glass and Plastic
Soapstone is a soft rock and pieces can break off. Whiskey rocks made of soapstone are heavy and the more you use them, the more they wear down. They can only be used in a few alcoholic beverages, are heavy, only keep your drink minimally chilled for a very short period of time and mining soapstone is threatening the habitat of India's tigers. They are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Glass can break and can cut and plastic contains harmful chemicals that are released when heated or frozen. Stainless Steel whiskey stones do not have any of these issues.

Look Great In Your Glass
Because these ice stones are made from stainless steel they will always keep their shinny colour. They look really good in any glass and in any type of drink.

The Hit Of Any Party
Bring them with you to a party or serve them to your guests. They make a great topic of conversation. Easy way to break the ice or to get to know new people, by them asking you what you have in your drink.

Make a Great Gift for Anyone
Don't know what to get the person that "has it all". These whiskey stones make the perfect gift because they can still use them in any beverage.

Best Whiskey Stones on the Market

Great White Ice stainless steel whiskey stones are clearly a revolutionary breakthrough, not only for whiskey drinkers, but for anyone who enjoys the true taste of a cold drink. Among their many benefits, they are dishwasher safe, reusable, durable, 100% eco-friendly, can be used in any drink and are backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee. These benefits, along with the many others that are listed above, is why these whiskey stones are considered to be superior to any other type on the market! Order yours today!

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Set Includes: 6 stainless steel ice cubes (1.0in x 1.0in x 1.0in), 1 pair of ice tongs and 1 whiskey cube storage bag.

How to Use Great White Ice Whiskey Stones

For best results, do not store in the door of your freezer. Store them deep in the freezer.


"Work well. Keeps the drinks cool. I have a set of soapstone whiskey stones as well but these ones stay cold much longer."
Jeremy via Amazon -

"These were purchased as a gift for my husband. They work perfectly to chill down his drink without diluting it. Would definitely recommend to others."
Jennifer via Amazon -

"Many of the reviewers were looking for a replacement for ice cubes, that is not the use for this product. I am a whiskey drinker and I need something to "chill" my drink without diluting it... Which this product does wonderfully."
Paul B via Amazon -

"These were exactly what I hoped they would be. Great for not watering down a drink. I actually burned my finger and used one to cool the burn without having the water of an ice cube run all over the place. These can be used for many things and they are perfect!"
Anonymous via Amazon -

"The stones work well, stay cold, and we're well received as a holiday gift by a bourbon drinker who did not have them yet."
Michelle Coblentz via Amazon -

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